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Visit NYC, NJ, or Kingston NY to take a tour and see how the landscape has been changed by street art.
A Changing Landscape
Street art is now a global art movement.
Creative Placemaking
Murals are part of the process of bringing art and community together in an engaging way to both shed light and transform.

Street art is a global art movement. Street art muralists have gone from being arrested to being sought after to create large scale images on buildings to beautify and revitalize neighborhoods.

It would be naïve to think that developers haven’t used the popularity of street art to give added cachet to their properties to increase property values. Municipal budgets are including taxpayer funds for street art murals as a way to engage and bond with their constituents.

The public art movement has created a few controversies but also opportunities. It is being exported abroad and incorporated into our schools.

The work is hard. The hours are long. The weather doesn’t always cooperate. A fear of heights is an occupational hazard. The pay doesn’t always cover the bills, but the talent is awesome and the results are exciting and changing urban landscapes everywhere.

View the Murals

We provide guided tours of…

Upper West Side/Hamilton Heights  (2hrs)

• The Cloisters
• Fort Tyron Park
• Trinity Church Cemetery
• Audubon Society commissioned murals
• St. Nicholas Park
• Morris-Jumel Mansion
• Sylvan Terrace

Newark/Jersey City (3hrs)

• Loew’s Jersey Theatre
• Jersey City Heights
• Downtown Jersey City
• Jersey City Mural Arts highlights
• Ironbound
• Newark Penn Station
• Transforming Clinton Ave murals
• Rt 21/McCarter Hwy 1.2 miles Gateway murals

Kingston, NY (5hrs)

• first capital of New York State
• Roundout lighthouse historic waterfront
• Stockade/Uptown Senate House
• O+ Festival murals
• Rhinebeck Hudson River Heritage
• Vanderbilt Mansion
• Hyde Park FDR home

Read about us at Street Art United States

Meet our Guides

Guest Tour Guides

Denise Orzo, artist (Kingston) @deniseorzo
Kimberly Kae, artist (Kingston) @okaekimberly
Jayne Freeman, blogger (Jersey City) @janyewest
Avi Gitler, gallerist and curator (Harlem) @gitlerand

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